Cigarette Smoking Risks

  • Smoking kills 400,000 Americans each year
  • Damages your lung function and could cause lung cancer
  • Weakens your bones and increases the risk of arthritis
  • Smoking causes artery damage and heart damage leading to heart attack, stroke, cancer and diseases – these could result in death
  • Causes cancer of the stomach and digestive system organs
  • Ages the appearance your skin
  • Smoking can increase the risk of gingivitis, which can lead to tooth decay and loss
  • Throat and mouth cancers
  • Smoking causes Emphysema which is loss of elasticity of lung tissue, collapses small air passages during exhalation, thus trapping air in lungs. It causes shortness of breath, hyperventilation and an expanded chest

Tobacco and nicotine are in cigarettes, spit, snuff and chew.

Tobacco Risks

  • Causes heart disease
  • Known to cause stroke and high blood pressure
  • Can cause loss of jaw bone due to mouth cancer
  • Tobacco use causes bad breath, tooth abrasion, gum recession, gum and tooth disease, yellowing of the teeth and tooth loss
  • Tobacco use can cause throat and mouth cancers
  • 8-10 dips or chews of a smokeless tobacco product a day is the same amount of nicotine as 30-40 cigarettes for a heavy smoker
  • Smokeless tobacco products have over 560 added ingredients