Prescription Drug Abuse


Prescription Drug Abuse and Drop off Locations


Taking prescription drugs not prescribed for you by a doctor or in a way that hasn’t been recommended by a doctor, can be more dangerous than you think.  In fact, it can be fatal.

Prescription drugs are the third most commonly abused category of drugs, behind alcohol and marijuana and ahead of cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.  Some prescription drugs can become addictive, especially when used in a manner inconsistent with their labeling by someone other than the patient for whom they were prescribed, or when taken in a manner or dosage other than prescribed.  Overall, an estimated 48 million people have abused prescription drugs, representing nearly 20% of the U.S. population.

The prescription drug medications that are most commonly abused include:
  • Pain relievers
  • Tranquilizers and sedatives
  • Stimulants

NCADD offers two facts sheets on prescriptiond drugs. Please click in each title to view or download:

For additional information about specific prescription drugs by drug category, street name, how it is used and health risks:  Selected Prescription Drugs With Potential For Abuse.


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Northwest Arkansas Prescription Drug Drop Off Locations

Feel free to stop by any on these locations to drop off you unwanted prescription drugs properly and safely. If you have any questions feel free to contact your nearest drop off location.

Benton County                                  

Bella Vista Police Department         105 Town Center, Bella Vista       Phone: 479-855-3771

Benton County Sheriff’s Office        SW 14th Street, Bentonville          Phone: 479-271-1008

Centerton Police Department           220 Municipal Drive, Centerton     Phone: 479-795-4431

Gentry Police Department                100 East Main, Gentry                   Phone: 479-736-8400

Gravette Police Department             606 1st Avenue SE, Gravette        Phone: 479-787-6948

Lowell Police Department                 214 North Lincoln Street, Lowell   Phone: 479-659-8888

Pea Ridge Police Department           187 Slack Street, Pea Ridge         Phone: 479-451-8220

Rogers Police Department               1905 S Dixieland Road, Rogers     Phone: 479-636-4141

Siloam Springs Police Department  100 US-412, Siloam Springs         Phone: 479-524-4118

Washington County

Elkins Police Department           1874 Stokenburg Road, Elkins             Phone: 479-643-2600

Farmington Police Department  354 West Main, Farmington                 Phone: 479-267-3411

Greenland Police Department    #8 E. Ross Street, Greenland              Phone: 479-521-5760

Johnson Police Department        2904 Main Drive, Fayetteville             Phone: 479-521-3192

Lincoln Police Department         106 Arthur Ave. S, Lincoln                   Phone: 479-824-3351

Prairie Grove Police Dept.          955 E. Douglas Street, Prairie Grove   Phone: 479-846-3270

Springdale Police Department       201 Spring Street, Springdale          Phone: 479-751-4542

Tontitown Police Department       235 Henri De Tonti, Springdale         Phone: 479-361-2700

University of Arkansas Police Dept. 155 S Razorback Rd, Fayetteville Phone: 479-575-2222

VA Medical Center *Veterans Only*  1100 North College Avenue, Fayetteville     Phone: 479-443-4301

Washington County Courthouse  280 North College Ave., Fayetteville Phone: 479-444-1526

Washington County Sheriff’s Office 1155 Clydesdale Dr., Fayetteville Phone: 479-444-5700

West Fork Police Department       262 West Main Street, West Fork      Phone: 479-839-2300

Madison County

Madison County Courthouse           201 Main Street, Huntsville             Phone: 479-738-2747

Madison County Sheriff’s Office      202 N Gaskill, Huntsville                Phone: 479-738-2320

Carroll County

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office       205 Hailey Road, Berryville              Phone: 870-423-2901

Picture2Monitor and take inventory of your prescriptions.

Picture3Secure your prescriptions in a locked location.

Picture4Dispose of your prescriptions properly.

We have locations all over Northwest Arkansas for dropping off you unwanted prescriptions drugs. Below is a list of locations and all our partners that make the possible.








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